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About us

Ayurveda is 5000 year old science of healing, which has its origin in the Vedic culture in the India. Though the value of Ayurveda varies throughout the years, the powder of Ayurveda has major resurgence in both native and international land. Ayurveda has a capacity to manage the balance between health and dynamic environment, and spirit. To indulge the limitless healing qualities of  Ayurveda in one of the best herbal supplements, herbal hills took interest in developing charismatic natural health supplements. Herbal hills global is Ayurvedic & herbal products manufacturer from india

The innovative, professionally-managed, multi-core and acclaimed manufacturing unit is established 12 years ago with an aim provide the profound remedy of various health ailments. And to make these herbal health products available to Ayurvedic doctors, distributors and traders on a global ground, Herbal Hills Global comes in the picture.

This Indian manufacturer exports to more than 30 countries worldwide such as Ghana, Shrilanka, Ukraine, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada etc. It offers a wide range of natural health supplements under one roof to help Ayurvedic doctors and distributors to search for desired products with ease. The product range may include Ayurvedic powder, Green food supplements, Personal care products, Herbal juice, Formulations, Single herb, Herbal coffee and tea.


  • To make these one of the best herbal supplements and wide product line available to Ayurvedic doctors, traders and distributors in a bulk quality and in an affordable price.
  • To maintain the optimum quality of the natural health supplements by passing them through the desired tests.
  • Herbal Hills Global also aims to become a one-stop brand, which provides a plethora of herbal products online in bulk quantities to all the distributors without any hassle.


  • To achieve the ambition of reaching maxium Ayurvedic doctors, distributors and traders worldwide to make Herbal Hills Global a whole and sole source of bulk natural health supplement providing company.
  • To become an innovative and esteemed company in the internamtional market to supply one of the best herbal health products directly to the desired customers such as Ayurvedic doctors and distributors.
  • To bring the latest research and development in the reach of Ayurvedic doctors and distributors to reduce the logistic coast.
  • To set up the steady and beneficial trend of direct selling between Ayurvedic product manufactures and Ayurvedic doctors and distributors to share the premium benefits.

Our Values:

  • We believe in humanity and we form a trust bond between co-workers, dealer, mangers and customers.
  • We value the optimum and excellent quality to be maintain with a blend of traditional cultivation methods and top-notched manufacturing technologies.
  • We use pure, natural and 100% chemical free herbs to maintain the sanity of nature and to fulfill the customer’s satisfaction.
  • We also support innovation and creative thoughts of each team members to enhance the knowledge and to prepare unique and novel herbal health products.
  • The manufacturing process of one of the best herbal supplements is based on the GMP(Good Manuafcturing Practices) and Halal certifications rules.
  • We also manufactures natural health supplements in India under the suitable facility, which has ISO certification to suit the international quality standards.
  • Experienced and trended research team to provide innovative herbal health products manufacturing ideas.
  • Best returns without any commercial investment
  • Bulk quality of products available online
  • User friendly global site to provide hassle free experience
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