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What Is Green Food Supplements?

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Today, I Mr. Dhiren Dalal, Director Of the Company – Herbal Hills is going to share with you the story of our first line of product – Green Food Supplements, what is Green Food Supplements, why we started this Green Food Supplements and what is our future plan for Green Food Supplements?

See as we all understand that the name Green Food Supplements indicates food that is green in color. It may relate to Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Green vegetable mix, and so forth. Green Food Supplements are also called as dietary supplements! Why dietary supplements? Because it acts as an additional supplement to your diet. In modern times, with a lot of pressure and stress, it is becoming challenging to provide even a basic amount of nutrients and vitamins to the body. So, this Green Food Supplement if you consume daily it will suffice your nutritional needs. Thus, it is called with many names such as dietary supplements, food supplements, superfoods, and so forth. So, at Herbal Hills we offer a wide array of Green Food Supplements such as WheatgrassAlfalfa, Barley Grass, Green Veggie, etc.

Why Did We Start This Green Food Supplement? 

In 2005, we bought land in Lonavala and we were trying to figure out as to which product to be cultivated in that land. Fortunately, we found out that cultivating Green Food Supplement was best suitable for our land because of various factors such as  – weather conditions, the fertility of the soil, and its great nutritional value. Thus, we started cultivating Green Food Supplements.

Now coming to the most important part, we wanted to cultivate all our Green Food Supplements in an organic manner thus we quickly did organic certification of our farm as well as our factory. But, the interesting part was that we needed organic manure for organic cultivation. So, we tried to research the market outside for organic manure but we found out that the manure was very expensive and the quality was also not authenticated. That’s when we decided to have our own organic manure cultivation division with top quality Indian breed Gir Cows, best quality cow dung & cow urine. We used this inhouse organic manure to produce our authentic Green Food Supplements.

Superior Quality Was Our Priority

By using inhouse organic manure, we started producing superior quality supplements in the market and this we came to know in 2007. It was during that year where Herbal Hills first participated in the USA – Nature Export East, which was the biggest supplement fair in the world. There were people from all across the globe participating and had their stalls displaying their green food supplements. But, people were liking our products because we used organic manure, we had no added sugar, taste, or used any artificial colors. They tasted our product and loved it! Thus, I felt really proud that our products are liked on a global level.

After attending that exhibition, I came back and decided to bring two more green food formulations which are – Super Greenhills & Super Vegiehills.  Green Hills is formulated with 7 green organic superfoods, namely, Wheatgrass, Barley grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina, Flax seeds, Sesame Seeds, and Sunflower seeds. Whereas, Super Vegiehills contains 7 effective vegetables namely Cabbage, Spinach, Parsley, Carrot, Beetroot, Methi leaves, and a blend of other herbs. Furthermore, we also formulated Green Food Supplements with flavors like orange flavor which makes these supplements more tasty & palatable. This will accommodate all the healthy people to add this tasty dietary supplement to their daily routine.

One thing that I thoroughly realized, after meeting a lot of doctors, nutrition, and dieticians, is that these Green Food Supplements are really important for everyone especially for those who want to boost their immunity. Also, these supplements are alkaline in nature and rich in antioxidants thus providing enough energy and nutrition throughout the day. Moreover, our  Green Food Supplements are full of fiber that is very good for digestion as well as for entire body detox. Those who feel tired and fatigued often for them our Green Food Supplements are a must!

What Is Our Future Plan For Green Food Supplements? 

I personally feel that everyone must have Green Food Supplements in their daily routine. Our R & D team is constantly working on this product line to offer the best quality and topmost nutritional value to the consumers. I want to encourage people to consume Green Food Supplements in their daily life by adding it to their cooked vegetables, salad dressing, or simply mix with fruit juice or smoothie.

In short, the Green Food Supplement is our first product line and I believe that it has a booming future! All our Green Food Supplements are made with organic ingredients, plus our farm and factory are also USD organic certified. So, our product line is doing really good and we are happy to serve superior quality products to our end users. Also, our R&D team is constantly working out to produce new and palatable Green Food Supplements that people can consume and stay fit & healthy!



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