Herbal Supplements for Memory is the Best Choice to Improve Brain Health!

Herbal Supplements for Memory is the Best Choice to Improve Brain Health!

Herbal supplements for memory

Have you seen people forgetting common things, such as Keys, Spectacles, Mobile, etc.? Ever experienced that you have gone to purchase anything and then forgot what you have come for? Have you lost concentration in the work? Losing the context while enjoying conversation with your dear one? All these problems are very common, especially in the modern era of western culture. However, the main reason of these problems is “Poor Memory Health”. Herbal supplements for memory Can hep you to solve your problem

And so, Herbal supplements for memory is a great pick to improve an overall memory health. Ayurvedic contract manufacturing company has designed 2 unique herbal supplements for memory to improve the concentration and brain functioning. One of the herbal supplements for memory is prepared with medicated Cow Ghee to uplift its effectivity. While, the other Ayurvedic medicine for concentration has designed in a liquid form to showcase maximum and quick effects.

Source of Novel Herbal supplements for memory is Indian Manufacturers

By owing an experienced R&D team, Herbal Hills Manufacturers have discovered the usage of Cow Ghee in the preparation of Ayurvedic Memory Supplements. This herbal third party manufacturing facility is the one company in India to own a Diary Farm. We have the most effective breed of “Gir Cow”, which produces the most competent A2 Cow Ghee. This A2 cow ghee is incorporated with various nutrients to enhance the effectivity of Ayurvedic memory supplements.  Additionally, Ayurvedic contract manufacturing company also owns a Herbal land in the Sahyadri mountains to allow to proceed traditional cultivation. Moreover, this Herbal land also inhibits the usage of chemicals and thus all the herbs are 100% pure and toxic free.

By using the…

Smrutihills Soft Capsule: Medicated Cow Ghee Formulation

Smrutihills Soft Capsule

With the immense research and sound knowledge of Ayurveda, Herbal Hills has come up with Novel Memory Supplements; named as Smrutihills Soft Capsules. Additionally, this Ayurvedic medicine for memory health is infused with the medicated cow ghee, making it an effective medicine for every human being. Moreover, these herbal supplements for memory contain a combination of Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Mandukparnee, Jyotishmati, Vacha, and Guduchi. The wise mixture of these herbs are then combined with the A2 medicated cow ghee to prepare an unbeatable Ayurvedic medicine for memory and concentration. According to the studies, these Herbal supplements for memory may possess adaptogenic, memory stimulant, anti-stress, immune-stimulant, revitalizing, and rejuvenating properties to help you rewind the stress and enhance the memory power. This ayurvedic medicine for concentration also helps in revitalizing the brain cells and keeps you feeling fresh. 

Medicated Cow Ghee Benefits

When the pure and natural cow ghee is infused with required herbs, it is called as “Medicated Cow Ghee”.  

  • Medicated cow ghee is a catalytic agent that carries medicinal properties of herbs to the target organ for optimum benefits.
  • When it comes to mind and memory support, it may increase the Dhi (intelligence), refines the buddhi (intellect) and improves smruti (memory).
  • Additionally, the composition of medicated cow ghee includes Lauric acid, Mysristic acid, Stearic acid, Palmitoelic acid, Oleic acid, Erucic acid.
  • Moreover, this composition help relieves stress, enhances the immune system, may act as a lubricant to soften the tissues, help promote weight loss etc.
  • These acids also help improve memory and may hinder the progression of ALD to help boost memory. 

Smrutihills Shots: Sugar-Free Liquid Extract for Memory Support

Smrutihills Shots

This Ayurvedic contract manufacturing company has the immense knowledge of modern science and the roots of ancient Ayurveda. And so, by combining this knowledge, it has prepared Smrutihills Shots. Additionally, this Smrutihills syrup is a combination of memory health supporting herbs. Some of the major ones are Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Mandukparnee, Jyotishmati, Vacha, and Guduchi. Moreover, Herbal Hills adds the liquid extract of these wholes herbs in an appropriate amount to prepare one of the most effective Ayurvedic medicine for memory health improvement.

This Herbal supplements for memory is 100% Sugar-Free and infused with natural Basil Flavor to add the goodness of herbs while enhancing its taste. With the natural basil flavor, consuming this Smrutihills shots become easy for every individual. Adding these Ayurvedic shots in your daily routine is a comparatively easy.

Lets’ See How Individual Herb Play Important Role and Improve Memory!


  • Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) has strong brain enhancing, memory enhancing, carminative, nervine, and relaxant properties to help improve memory.
  • It also helps support the brain functions and may enhance mental clarity, focus, and concentration.
  • Additionally, with Stress relieving properties, this brain supplement helps support the nervous system.


  • Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) may have antioxidant, rejuvenating, antistress, cooling etc. properties.
  • Moreover, it is considered as one of the best Herbal supplements for memory, owing to the ability to maintain optimum functioning of the nervous system.
  • It also may support healthy blood circulation to the brain cells and thus help improve memory.


  • The common name of Mandukparnee is Gotu Kola, while the botanical name is Centella asiatica.
  • Furthermore, this brain supplement has memory enhancing, nootropic, adaptogenic, nervine properties.
  • It may help protect the brain against mental degradation and thus help recover memory loss.


  • It includes sesquiterpenes, alkaloids, cleastrine, celapanine, celapgine, and polyalcohol.
  • This Herbal supplements for memory may help improve memory and enhance the concentration skills.


  • It contains essential oil such as asarone, calemen, calamenos and calameon.
  • Additionally, this one of the best memory supplement help improve memory and manage stress to help keep the mind cool.


  • Guduchi ( Tinospora Cordifolia) may exert anti-spasmodic, anti-microbial, anti-osteoporotic, anti-inflammatory, immuno-modulatory etc. properties.
  • It may help in enhancing the natural immunity to fight various health condition, which may include memory loss.

Get this herbal supplements for memory straight from India and improve the memory health naturally!

You can also sell these novel herbal supplements for memory under your own brand name, owing to the successful private labeling facility available!

Contact us to enjoy the best service at your doorsteps!


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