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Herbal Hills Haldi Milk powder, Golden Turmeric Milk Latte (200 gms) jar packing

Herbal Hills always come up with unique concepts and herbal supplements to support a healthy way of living. Along with practicing the traditional way of cultivation, it also focuses on the modern ways of manufacturing to assure the premium quality standards. Herbal Hills Turmeric Latte is a delightful blend of Turmeric powder and goodness of spices such as cinnamon,ginger,black pepper that are known to support the immune system and general health.to relieve a common cough and cold. It may support an immunity enhancement and skin care in a natural way.

  • Herbal Hills Turmeric Latte Pure, 100% natural, chemical free, nourishing aiming to benefit both people and environment.
  • Natural high vibrational foods are healthy for body, mind and spirit.
  • Ayurvedic combination of Haldi & Milk to improve immunity
  • Add a teaspoon to your cup of milk, stir well. Enjoy hot or cold. A perfect Immunizing drink.

Direction- Add one tsp (3gms) of Turmeric Latter powder to hot milk, stir well. Add honey or any sweetener of your choice if desired. Enjoy a hot drink.




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  • The antioxidant, antibacterial properties of Turmeric Latte may help to boost immunity.
  • Antimicrobial property of turmeric for skin is also used as a first line remedy for cuts and wound healing.
  • Turmeric Latte also help in improving skin health.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric Latte may help to reduce the pain caused by inflammation of joints.
  • It also aids in maintenance of general well being.
Each 100gm Powder contains

Turmeric Powder
(Curcuma longa)
(Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
(Zingiber officinale)
Black cardamom
(Amomum subulatum)
Black pepper
(piper nigrum)
Green cardamom
(Elettaria cardamomum)
(Foeniculum vulgare)
(Stevia rebaudiana)

Add one tsp (3gms) of Turmeric Latter powder to hot milk, stir well. Add honey or any sweetener of your choice if desired. Enjoy a hot drink.


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