Baheda Herbal Powder - Terminalia Bellerica

Baheda Powder - Terminalia Bellerica
Baheda powderBaheda powderBaheda powder

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Herbal Hills Global: Leading Manufacturer of Herbal Supplement and Ayurvedic Powder Such as Baheda Powder (Terminalia bellirica)

Herbal Hills Global is one of esteemed and renowned manufacturer, who deals with Ayurvedic powder and effective herbal supplements. Additionally, this eminent manufacturer also exports to more than 30 countries. This make life healthier in each corner of the world. However, some countries include Ghana, Sri lanka, Ukraine, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada etc. By exporting to these international countries, Herbal Hills global sets the high goal to spread a healthy living everywhere.

Additionally, It offers a unique and natural way of cultivation by planting herbs in the own farm at Sahyadri mountains. This farm provides a potent, chemical free and the most suitable environment for the herbs. With this aura, it maintains the Ayurvedic values for added benefits. Moreover, Herbal Hills Global uses the highly-advanced and top-notched technologies in the manufacturing unit to make sure that each product is of the premium-quality standard. Adding to this, all these herbal dietary supplements are free from destructive chemicals and hazardous substances, making them safe to consume. Furthermore, Herbal Hills Global manufactures herbal healthcare products in ISO certified facility for added safety. Moreover, to fulfill the customer’s satisfaction and to meet the highest safety standards, Herbal Hills holds Halal and GMP certifications.

Baheda Powder (Terminalia bellirica) as Herbal Supplement to Relieve Respiratory Disorders and Digest Disorders

The botanical name of baheda powder is Terminalia bellirica and is exerts various medicinal properties to help to relieve respiratory disorders. To maintain a healthy living, this digestive disorder relives supplement may possess a strong rejuvenative property, which may help to repair the damaged tissues. Adding to this, the supplement for respiratory disorders suppressor may also depict astringent, antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial etc. This help relieve respiratory disorders and to restore the resilience. Furthermore, this herbal digestive disorder suppressor may support healthy digestion in natural ways.


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  • Baheda may be beneficial in numerous conditions of Respiratory problems.
  • It may act as a digestive support.
  • It may help detoxify the body.
  • May help balance all the three doshas.
  • Also supports eyes, throat and hair health.
Each 100gms Powder contains

Baheda powder
(Terminalia bellerica)

Take 3 gms powder, twice daily or as advised by the physician


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