Pippali fruit herbal powder - Piper longum

Pippali Fruit Herbal Powder - Piper Longum
Pippli fruit powderPippli fruit powderPippli fruit powderPippli fruit powder

Product Description

Herbal Hills Global Present Pippali Fruit Powder as Effective Digestive Health Supplement

Herbal Hills Global is one of the leading and trusted manufacturers of India, who deals with Herbal supplements and Ayurvedic powders. Additionally, this trusted manufacturer exports the herbal dietary supplements to more than 30 countries to spread healthy lifestyle worldwide. However, these countries are comprise of Ghana, Shrilanka, Ukraine, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada etc. Furthermore, this one of the leading and most-trusted brand follows traditional ways of producing herbal dietary supplements to fight various health ailments. Likewise, among all the natural and authentic powders, Pippali fruit powder (piper longum fruit powder) serves as an effective digestive health supplement and respiratory supplement.

The unique factor of Herbal Hills is that it has its own farm in the Sahyadri mountains. And so, this area provides the most-useful and pristine environment to all the herbs. It has the capacity to maintain their nutrient value. Furthermore, this Pippali fruit powder is safe to consume by every customer, owing to chemical free and toxin free nature. Additionally, it manufactures products in the facility that owns ISO certification. Additionally, all these supplements for respiratory supplement contain Halal and GMP certifications for added safety.

Pippali Fruit Powder (Piper longum fruit Powder) as Effective Digestive Health Supplement and Respiratory Supplement

Fruit of Piper longum is use to make Pippali fruit powder. It is a rich source of various nutrients to promote healthy digestion. Additionally, this one of the best ayurvedic products in india for respiratory health may contain Essential oil, piperine, terpenoids, sylvatine etc. for added benefits. Additionally, this digestive health supplement exerts various medicinal properties to offer a normal metabolism and respiratory health. However, this respiratory supplement also may exert adaptogenic, analpectic, analgesic, appetizer,l nervine, stomachic, sedative etc. Moreover, with the beneficial medicinal properties and benefits, this respiratory supplement posses various health benefits.


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• Pippali fruit powder is said to have therapeutic benefits to promote healthy digestion.
• The properties of digestive health supplement may help to regulate the respiratory system.
• Herbal respiratory supplement may support healthy liver functioning and also supports digestive health.
• Piper longum fruit powder may help to enhance the immune system.

Each 100gms Powder Contains

Pippali fruit powder
(Piper longum)

Take 2 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician.


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