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Herbal Hills Global Offers Natural and Premium Quality Vegetable Tablet | Super Greens Formula for Healthy Well Being

Herbal Hills Global is a renowned and leading manufacturer of Herbal Green Veggie Tablets and Ayurvedic Dietary Supplements. Eating natural and pure vegetables is the necessity of every individual. However, getting these vegetables in their pure state is very difficult in this polluted surrounding. Herbal Hills Global manufactured palatable tablets that are an Ayurvedic formulation of 6 vegetables. It makes these vegetable readily available. It has an own farm in the range of Sahyadri mountains to provide the most suitable and pristine environment to the vegetables. Furthermore, these vegetables are then processed through a high-tech processing unit to assure its quality and efficacy. Additionally, these dietary supplement or vegetable tablets and the processing unit hold Government registered certification. These certificates may include Halal, GMP and ISO.

Vegetable Table| Super Greens Dietary Supplement as Eye Tonic | Lipid Level Maintaining Supplement | Skin Care Formula

Super Vegiehills tablets are the most effective food supplement that contains Cabbage, Spinach, Parsley, Carrot, Beetroot, Methi leaves. Moreover, these super green vegetables are then combined with Digestive enzymes to uplift its quality and potency. Cabbage may lower the blood pressure and lipid level. This super greens supplement also acts as an eye tonic by promoting the eye health and by reducing the eye issues. However, Carrot basically makes it a natural eye tonic with its powerful antioxidant property. Additionally, this skin care tonic also maintains a healthy lipid level with the help of spinach and parsley.

This vegetable tablet may boost the immune system, lowers hypertension and relaxes the body. Moreover, these vegetable tablets may promote bone health and maintains the healthy heart functioning. These vegetable tablets come in a palatable form to make it easy for people to consume them conveniently. Add these vegetable tablets/ dietary supplements in your daily regime and fulfill the daily need of nutrition.


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  • Spinach is a rich source of dietary fiber as well as Iron which helps to treat anaemia.
  • Beet Root & Carrot contains beta-carotenes which acts as an excellent tonic for eyes, skin and nerves.
  • May help increase hemoglobin levels.
  • Cabbage & Brocolli contains antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties which may help enhance immunity
  • Methi seeds contain anti-lipidemic properties which may help to control cholesterol levels


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