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Natural and Authentic Alfalfa Supplement | Alfalfa Powder | Alfalfa Vitamins at Herbal Hills Global

Looking for 100% natural, vegan and authentic Alfalfa Superfood? Herbal Hills Global is a right place to find the natural and authentic Alfalfa powder. Herbal Hills Global is a leading and eminent manufacturer of Herbal supplement and Organic green food supplements. It has an own farm in ancient Sahyadri mountains to provide the most suitable and pristine environment for every herb. Moreover, it follows a traditional way of cultivation and high-tech processing technologies. Furthermore, these methods of manufacturing make these food and herbal supplements 100% natural and safe to consume. Additionally, Herbal Hills Global has required licenses such as FASSAI, USDA, VOCA etc. to assure the quality of each supplement.

Alfalfa Supplement | Alfalfa Powder | Alfalfa Vitamins for Lipid Level Maintenance and Asthma Symptoms Reduction

Organic Alfalfa powder is known as a father of foods, owing to Alfalfa vitamins and other essential minerals. The organic Alfalfa powder is a rich source of Calcium, alkaloids. Beta-carotene, chlorine, and chlorophyll. It also has B-vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Zinc, Saponins, iron and much more. Additionally, it posses various medicinal properties that may include immunity boosting, Electrolyte balancing, Alkaline, Analgesic, Antibacterial etc. Moreover, this asthma reducing green food supplements exert laxative, nutritive, stimulant, carminative properties to help maintain the healthy lipid level. Furthermore, this organic superfood is an excellent nutrient for the whole body and helps improve the blood circulation.

These lipid level balancing supplement also depict beneficial effect in reducing respiratory problems such as asthma. High dietary fiber may help reduce the lipid level and improves the overall energy level. Additionally, this Alfalfa supplement protects the body against excess fat accumulation and thus promotes healthy weight loss. As a result, consume this alfalfa green food supplement daily to live a healthier life.


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  • Rich source of the B complex vitamins plus A, C, D, E, K, and Biotin. It is also a rich source of proteins, minerals
  • Excellent nutrient for the whole body & the alkaloids, helps improve blood circulation.
  • High dietary fibres helps to reduce appetite, thus weight reduction
  • High calcium helps to protect against fat accumulation thus enable fat to improve energy levels.
  • May help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Alfalfa Powder

Each 100gms powder contains
(Medicago Sativa)

Alfalfa Tablet

Each tablet contains
(Medicago Sativa)
500 mg

Tablets : Take 2 tablets twice a day for maintaining good health. It should ideally be taken on empty stomach before meals. For better results it should be taken with warm water

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    Herbal Admin

    Nice product. Thanks!

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    Very useful….

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