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ayurvedic heart care syrup chologuardhills
Chologuardhills ShotsChologuardhills Shots

Product Description

Why Herbal Hills Global to Offer Natural and Herbal Supplements for Blood Circulation?

Herbal hills global uses the classic way of cultivating herbs, owing to the own herbal land in the Sahyadri mountains. Additionally, Herbal Hills Global also follows various top-notched technologies and has an advanced processing unit to manufacture products that are of premium quality. Moreover, all the herbal supplements and a Chologuardhills Herbal Shots heart care syrup are safe to consume, owing to the chemical free and toxin free nature.

Herbal Hills Global has come up with new herbal healthcare products concept of herbal shots. Additionally, it in a herbal combination in liquid form and a flavor to enhance the taste. It also exports to more than 30 countries such as Ghana, Srilanka, Ukraine, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada.

Chologuardhill as One of the Most Effective Formulation of Herbs for Circulation System Support

Chologuardhills, heart tonic/ heart care syrup is a unique concept as it directly enters the bloodstream. It allows body to absorb all the beneficial nutrients. Additionally, these natural health management shots are easy to consume. Its a great way to provide your body with required benefits rapidly.

Basically, Chologuardhills is an Ayurvedic formulation of Arjuna, Shuddha Guggul, Sunthee, Triphala, and Bhrungraj. Additioanlly, this supplements for blood circulation may contain polyphenol, beta-sitosterol, iron, calcium etc. These herbs for circulation system also may contain magnesium, saponins, zinc, tannins etc. to help support a heart care. Moreover, the heart care syrup may exert anti-lipidemic, cardio-protective, antioxidant, astringent, laxative & circulatory properties to help in promoting a natural heart health.


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  • Anti-lipidemic properties of Guggul may help to control lipid levels
  • May help protect vessels from the formation of plaque.
  • Cardioprotective & antioxidant properties of Arjuna may act as a heart tonic & may supports healthy blood flow.
  • Cleaning & bowel toning property of Triphala may help removes toxin from the body
  • Nagarmotha may help maintain lipid metabolism.
Each 15 ml dose of Chologuardhills Syrup contains

Arjuna bark
(Terminalia arjuna)
(Generic preparation)
(Cyperus rotundus)
(Tinospora cordifolia)
(Commiphora mukul)

Take 15ml shots twice daily – before breakfast & before dinner.


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