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Glohills Body Powder – One of the Best Natural Skin Care Products to Maintain Skin Health

Every single person dreams of shining and glowing skin as it shows your inner confidence. Sometime the bad skin conditions occur, owing to the utilization of unsafe and chemical-intact beauty care products. And so, to overcome these skin problems, Herbal Hills Global manufactures herbal products for skin care. This Glohills herbal body powder is blended with herbs that help to add not only fragrance but also the goodness of the chosen herbs. Herbal Hills Global’s Glohills Prickly Heat Body is one of the best natural skin care products to protect skin from harsh sunrays.

Herbal Hills Global: One of the Leading and Trusted Manufacturers of natural Body Powder to Provide Relieve from Scorching Sun Issues

They are manufacturer, dealer, and wholesaler of pure and natural body powder. Moreover, it also believes in an innovative thought that work towards the improvement of health in a natural way. Additionally, the uniqueness of Herbal Hills Global lies in its own land in the Sahyadri mountains. However, it provides chemical free and pristine environment for all the herbs of this skin care powder.
It also exports to more than 30 countries such as Ghana, Shrilanka, Ukraine, USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada. Moreover, our herbal products for skin care is 100% chemical free and natural for added benefits. Moreover, this Herbal Hills Global follows modern ways of highly-advanced technologies for premium quality standards. Additionally, it also holds government-approved certification and licenses to maintain the optimum safety.

Glohills Body Powder: One of the Most Effective Natural Skin Care Powder to Relieve Prickly Heat Problems

Glohills body powder is a blend of Shankhjeera, Kaolin clay, Neem powder, Menthol crystal, Tankan bhasma etc. Additionally, this natural body powder may exert antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal & antioxidant properties to support skin care. Soft and smooth on the skin, these herbal products for skin may reduce the occurrence of prickly heat issues formation and may also helps to reduce the itching sensation to keep you fresh even in the sun.


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  • Ayurvedic Prickly heat Powder Glohills has the Kaolin clay which is very safe on skin.
  • May helps to keep the skin smooth & impart even tone to the skin.
  • May helps to give long lasting relief from prickly heat.
  • The antioxidant properties may help eliminate skin rashes, burning sensation & other skin infections.
  • May help to give cooling relief through the goodness of herbs present in the powder.
  • May helps maintain optimum skin moisture.
Each 100g Glohills Prickly Heat Powder contains

Neem powder
(Azardirachta indica)
Menthol crustal powder
Sodium benzoate

Local application


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